Looking for a breeze

I don’t really like my life now. Every day is just a cycle of being given tasks, notifying methods to do the tasks, and completing the tasks. Once in a while I can feel happiness, like in last night.

Skyscrapers hide people’s eyes. Everyone is pursuing “a better life”, in almost the same way. Whether or not this is my style is not the key problem. The key problem is whether or not I know what I want and have the courage to stick to it.

At this age, I have everything, and I have nothing. I have youth. I have the courage to explore. I have my beloved family and friends. But I don’t have a definite future. I don’t have anything that is also the same in ten years’ time. That’s the opportunity, the challenge, and the risk that all of the young have.

Hong Kong is a good place to know more about different cultures, but it doesn’t help you to know more about yourself. Knowing more about the world sometimes means accumulating more confusion in your heart. Too many choices means no choice, or more time to make a choice. Happiness is just a line across sadness.

Ups and downs, that’s life.


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