New Year Resolution 2011

I’ve had a wonderful night here in the house. Thanks to Eileen, Cat, Sue and Abby!

2011 is coming. I’m going to countdown to this remarkable year of 2010 and look forward to the brand new year of 2011! I will go jogging along the beach with Eileen and Selina tomorrow at 7am. Really healthy, aren’t we?

San Diego makes me want to live a real life and be myself. I will strive to achieve the following goals in 2011:

1. Have a goal after graduation. Search for the areas I’m interested and make a determination to be the person I want to be.

2. Live a beautiful life. Learn to cook dishes and make cakes. Learn to match clothes for different occasions. Use make up appropriately when needed.

3. Eat healthy and keep doing sports. Keep fit.

4. Keep a positive attitude towards life. Believe my future will be bright if I try hard.

Goodbye 2010, and hello 2011~


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