Elegant is a state of being

This morning I rushed to the campus to attend a tutorial session. On the way there, I saw a “giant book sale” (that’s how they call it) at the Revelle Plaza. I intended to just have a look at it. But the beautiful scores lying in a mundane paper box attracted my attention.

Most of the scores are about folk songs. There are some about sacred music as well. The first score that I encountered is a very American feel poster-like one. A blonde woman is looking up, expecting something great to happen. She seems to be indulging in her own world. Some others have delicate covers, and I’ve got one or two that are Central European folk songs. The scores were shining in the radiant sun, telling me how wonderful life is.

The scores are elegant, not in that they are new and polished, but in that they host beautiful music in their hearts. Elegant is a state of being. It is beyond what a fancy look can express.


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