On the way

If you’re willing to find, there’s always someone who is happy to help you.

Although the road ahead is not that clear, I have come to realize what I like and where I should put my efforts. The complexity of doing business doesn’t excite me as much. But when I heard the economic research about poverty helped improve the elementary education in developing countries, I was fascinated by the influence that economics can impose onto the policy aspects. Not until then did I realize that I was longing for some unique contribution to the world.

This world is not equal. It never will. I remember the social welfare functions in an economy. Some people have a greater say in the way the society operates. I learnt about an poverty research institution where one of my professors is a member of. The institution carries out research projects to assess the various policies of relieving poverty and improving education in developing countries. They put forward recommendations, which are frequently adopted by policy makers. When I saw the new model of teacher incentives dramatically increased the attendance of teachers in India, I was impressed.

I have never had any difficulty meeting the basic needs. Not only can I have a well balanced diet, but I also have access to an array of personal developmental choices. I went to a good school, travelled around, and I’m enjoying my colorful life here at San Diego! But the kids in some less developed countries are not as lucky. Maybe they have enough food, but not a balanced diet. They can meet the basic needs of human beings, but they might not be able to fully develop their potentials. This is what Prof. Duflo, a leading development economist at MIT, defines as “poverty”.

I’m on the way. Just as Prof. Wong said, soon the road ahead will become clear. Wish me all the best!


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