Concentration is beautiful

I have been gaining more insights into my life since I developed the habit of working out in the gym.

Today I was running on the machine, sweating like mad. I followed Terry’s instructions: Warm up at 4.2 mpr for about six to seven miniutes. Then do three and a half minutes of 6.2 mpr and one minute and a half cool down at 4.2 mpr. Repeat this for three or four times. Then cool down for the rest seven or eight minutes. When I sped up for the first time, I felt it was just a little bit more demanding and I was perfectly fine with it. The second time was a struggle, but I finally made it. When it came to the third time, I felt I must do something to reduce my laziness and reluctance. I placed my towel on the screen, covering all the information apart from “distance”. Then I chose a nice song and listened to it.

Surprisingly, time passed so quickly that I was even prepared to run one more minute at the end of the three and a half! Looking back, I think concentration played an important role. The mellifluous music was knocking into my heart and occupied all my mind. I was too busy to think about anything else, including the annoying running. I was just progressing at my speed.

Concentration is beautiful in that it helps you to enjoy your life and see your own changes to a better self. I have the habit of singing in the empty street back home. I used to joke with my friend:”My singing will frighten away all the bad people in the dark street!” In fact, the singing have always served as a way out for my negative emotions and frustrating thoughts. I think about all the beautiful things I’ve ever experienced and all the great friends I’ve ever had. The concentration on beauty dwarfs the difficulty ahead. I pick up my courage and carry on.

However busy your life is, please set aside some time to look back, mediate, and become a better person in every way.


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