Budget talk

In a recent press conference, the financial secretary of Hong Kong SAR government, John Tsang, said the permanent HK residents above the age of 18 can get 6000 Hong Kong dollars, relative to the MPF fund or any other measures to relieve financial pressure.

The act is said to be the consequence of wide critizism over the first proposals.  Hong Kong residents seem to be much happier with the cash in the pocket. A citizen said:”We finally get some money in our hands. It is not the money in the future.” For households faced with tight budgets, the money might provide a buffer for urgent expenditures.

 It seems to me that the amendment to the proposal is merely to meet the expectations of the public.

But how about students who are not breadwinners in the family? How do they think about it? I’ve seen some quite critical comments on this change, stating that it is just because of chaos. More of them just joke that it would be better to reduce the price of the iPad!

I’m not a permanent Hong Kong resident. I’m not qualified to evaluate the financial budget, but I do have some say in the revising process of the proposal. The whole process is under the supervision of the general public. The proposals, including reader-friendly explanations are accessible online. Anyone can post their comments online. The transparent framework is impressive.


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