Midnight discussions about life

Conversations between my roommate, Selina, and I. It’s lovely to exchange thoughts about life.


Me: Looking at Krystal’s writing makes me feel so bad about myself. I feel like I know nothing about expressing my thoughts.

S: I’ve spent 18 years learning how to solve textbook problems, and two years learning how to surrender to the society.


S: The biggest grieve of our society is the scarcity of resources.

Me: Why?

S: If Harvard is everywhere, everyone would have access to education of high quality; if well-paid jobs are available to everyone…

Me: But the competition would stop that. And scarcity cannot be prevented.

S: That’s why it is one of the most important preassumptions of economics.

S: If pretty girls are not scarce, my friend wouldn’t have to compete with other 12 guys for one girl!

Me: …


S: Do you think a person can be happy at every moment?

Me: It’s impossible.

S: When do you think people will feel satisfied.

Me: When they receive love and other things that they want to get.

S: What has perplexed me most is I cannot get what I want, thus I cannot give what I want to give.

Me: Well, people with less ambitions worry less.

S: Exactly. Those who can feed themselves but do not have ambitions.


Me: How do you define “happiness”?

S: To do what you want to, and concerntrate on doing it.

S: Do you feel happy?

Me: I have happy moments everyday.

S: How about on the whole?

Me: I guess I am happy.

S: But I don’t feel very happy everyday.

Me: Why?

S: Because I feel I cannot achieve even what is “average”. And sometimes I’m forced to do something I’m really not good at, like now.

*I’m lucky, because I have happy moments in my life*


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