On the move

After relaxing for a week, I went back to the gym today. I did the elevator machine (well, not sure if this is the name). I realized that I liked the feeling of motion. It prompts me to keep a positive and even aggressive attitude towards life.

Upon our graduation, my best friend said to me:”I think life is just a race. We can never stop running if we want to be the best.” I agreed then. We were undoubtedly the ones among the top, but we all too often put ourselves under enormous pressure. Life is not only a race, it is also a trip to enjoy.

News of young professionals dying from working pressure is not scarce nowadays. A friend of mine, seeing the death of the PwC girl, said seriously to me:”I feel this kind of life is so near to me.” At this point, I don’t want to comment on the girl’s choice. Everyone has the right to live his or her ideal life. Life is sometimes doing multiple choice. When you have attached priorities to some choices, you are essentially giving up a better propect of the rest.

To me, what is important is the state of being on the move. It is often the moment of success that is most delightful, but we need also learn to enjoy the process.  I want to be a “make-it-happen” girl, and I will.


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