Mother’s Day

I would have forgotten Mother’s Day if Eileen didn’t remind me. The posters and the discounts in the supermarket weren’t that obvious. Far from home, I seem to have a much weaker emotional connection with my family now. Distance can be scary. Being at the other hemisphere means mismatches of time, emotion, and life. When I called my mom yesterday, she just woke up. It was 8.30am in the morning at home. She went to a concert with my cousin the night before. The French chorus cast the famous film Les Choristes. I wanted to hear her describing their performance, but I knew she didn’t like these songs as much.

Last night, I saw Eileen (my housemom) laying two beautiful teapots and some cups. “Let’s have tea!” she said. She is always in such vigor and passion for life, which makes my heart warm. I showed them my Pu’er tea, and tried my best to be a “professional” tea maker (at least appear to be). By the time the tea was ready, there were already some biscuits on the table. How considerate my dear housemates are! So at 9.30 in the evening, our whole house were sitting around the table, enjoying our tea. “Chinese don’t usually drink tea at this time,” I said, “but it’s good.” We talked a lot. We talked about the farewell dinner for Selina and me. I didn’t want to mention that, because I didn’t want to think about saying goodbye. What is certain for me is that I will miss this house. I will miss the noise, miss the food, miss the smile of everyone here.

Mother’s day created us an opportunity to do something special. We decided to see the movie Fast Five. Eileen got excited, since she was so in love with Brazil. The girls were looking forward to the big event as well. As for me, this is the best relaxation at the weekend.

So this morning we went out, six of us. The weather is so cool, so nice that it makes me feel like singing. I feel the beauty of life, as we walked down the hill towards the theater. Happiness is to be with the people you love, and to cherish the time you are with them.


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