After you are stung by a bee…

You are a girl, living in a nice big house with a beautiful garden. The weather was nice, so you decided to take a walk, in the garden.

But unfortunately, you were stung by a bee.

The bee stung your foot, even if you had your socks on.

It’s not painful, but it hurts.

Hurts like a needle.

You rush to your room and killed the bee. Actually it was already dead, because it inserted its stinger into your skin.

You are afraid:”Will it contain some kind of venom? Will it hurt forever? How to pull the stinger out of my foot?”

You go ask your housemom. She said:”Maybe you should check ‘bee’ online, and see what you should do.”

Then you go check it, and tried to use soap water to clean your foot. Everything seems fine.

“Well,” you thought,”maybe I should post this onto facebook, and see who would reply. ”

Then you did so.

Ten minutes passed.

An hour passed.

Two hours passed.

The whole afternoon passed.

There was no reply.

Your friends were uploading their newest photos of the seaside, or talking about which sushi shop is the best.

You feel at lost.

“How come no one cares me!”

Come on, the fact is everybody is busy with their own stuff. Stung by a bee? No big deal. Check the solutions and go ahead to deal with it yourself.

Girl, do not always count on others to offer help. Help yourself.

A short digression from my boring revision for the finals. Back to work!


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