It’s easy to be satisfied about a little progress and to slow down. But I’m lucky to have friends in my life who are always willing to lift me up. Thanks a lot.

The world is changing at a dramatic speed. I am ignorant of how the society operates. I want to know more. I want to understand it and improve it.

Yesterday I was talking with my friend. She is doing an internship at an insurance company.

“How about your work? Is everything going well?”

“Yeah. Just tired and want to do nothing but to sleep after a day’s work.”

“Do you like your job?”

“Em… I guess so. It’s interesting. But it will take some time for me to decide whether I will continue to do it. It’s all about adapting yourself to the environment, right?”

Adapting to the environment. That is the key to life. But do we have our say on the environment? To some extent, yes. We can always choose where we want to be, as long as we are capable. To lift myself up, I need more than courage and determination.


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