Before my final year starts

Days fly when I’m at home. My summer vacation has come to an end. After eight months in the US and two weeks at home, I will return to Hong Kong and embrace my new life as a final year university student.

My final year will not be all about hussle and bussle. During my stay in the US, I’ve discovered where my interests lie and I’m determined to pursue further studies in my field. I will not spend chunks of time in irrelevant events.

Looking back, I come to know that it is impossible to use every minute efficiently and avoid any mistake. Instead, making mistakes itself is a great way to learn. Through the criticism from my repected Professors, I discovered my shortcomings and set my mind to be a better researcher. Through the communication with my friends, though sometimes unfriendly, I learned to treat others sincerely and to not hold any bias towards someone before I trully know her.

My university life seems unorganized and sometimes in a mess. My first year and even the first half of my second year, were devoted to my choir. I dedicated my time and energy for the career (many people might not agree with my choice of volcabulary) I love and made some very good friends. Every time I recall my days there, I feel genuinely happy and fulfilled. It is also at the choir when I gained important social skills and know much more about leadership.

My second half of my second year was devoted to academics. This is, again, because I love it. I feel the sense of responsibility as a Chinese to address the problems in our economy and to seek ways to tackle them. I am nurtured by the rich culture of my motherland, and I come to this world with a irrepressible sympathy for my country. Spectacular performances as well as grave problems exist in the Chinese economy now. Hopefully my career will do something beneficial to solve the problems.

This is not an easy path. Never is there an easy one if you want to do well. Try my best, never regret.



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