Insights about Thich Nhat Hanh’s The Art of Power (III)

It is true that we always seek beauty in others. When we’re finding a friend, a partner, or a teacher, we are looking for something that we lack. We hope that the people around us will be radiant enough for us to shine as well.

But in fact, beauty lies deep inside us. It is always there, in all of us. It merely takes some confidence and mindfulness to realize this. Everyone is made different. Today I was talking to a good friend. She is talented and is always generating new ideas. I’ve always enjoyed talking with her. But she thinks too low of herself. She is always finding someone to admire, to learn from, sometimes blindly. This reduces her glamour, as one tend to hide her best part as she imitate others.

Beauty should be defined in a broad sense. It should not only be about a pretty face and a well-built figure. A wholesome mind, a mild temper, an outstanding talent in a particular area… all these are beautiful. Why stick onto the common standards for beauty? If you believe yourself is beautiful and try your best to enrich yourself, your inner beauty will manifest.

Today is a holiday in HK. The day after Mid-Autumn Festival. I feel lucky that I have some best friends to spend a couple of hours just chatting. Friendship is beautiful:)


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