Chinese folk songs (Yunnan)

The folk songs in Yunnan are deeply rooted in local culture. Singing is particularly important for the residents there. Young couples express love through songs. People sing while they work in the field, and the lyrics are enriched with farming knowledge. The songs also carry the culture: Since many minority groups do not have their own languages, singing becomes their unique way of recording and passing down their cultures.

Love songs in Yunnan are famous for their flowing melodies which resemble the mountains and rivers there. The songs require a lot of skills to perform since they always span a wide pitch. A typical Yunnan love song is Xiao He Tang Shui (English meaning: flowing stream 中文名:小河淌水). The girl looks up to the sky and appreciates the moon. The glowing moonlight reminds her of her beloved, and she expresses her everlasting love. A breeze touches her face, reminding her of their love. She calls for him and wishes him were by her side. The song is simple yet touching.

There are other songs which simply express people’s admiration towards the great nature. One example is Mi Du Shan Ge (English meaning: Songs in Mi Du Mountain 中文名:弥度山歌). The lyrics are nothing more about the natural scenery. But through the ups and downs in the melody, we can feel the unique glamour of the beautiful countryside in Yunnan.

There are also musicals made under the Yunnan context, like Ashima (中文名:阿诗玛). The movie tells a story of a young girl pursuing true love.


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