Chinese folk songs about jasmine flowers

Jasmine is the national flower of The Philippines and the flower stands for purity and eternal love. In China, the fragrant flower symbolizes harmony and elegance. There are at least three Chinese folk songs that are explicitly devoted to jasmine flowers. They differ in their style, melody, and emotion. But they share the gentleness of Chinese folk songs about scenery.

The first one is from Jiangsu Province in southeast China. You can listen to the version by Song Zuying here. The song exalts at the beauty of the jasmine flowers. The girl in the song picks one flower and gives it to her lover. The flower symbolizes the purity of love and the vision of happiness between the two.

The second version is from North China. This version is the best I can find online. The melody resembles the Jiangsu version, but the meaning of the lyrics differs. The girl in this story thinks that there’s no other flower that can rival the jasmine flower. She also wants to pick one flower for herself, but is afraid of the flower keeper. What a cute account of the beauty of the flower!

The third is called June Jasmine. It is a Taiwan folk song. This chorus version takes on a romantic atmosphere. It was sung using Taiwan dialect. The melody is simple yet refreshing.

The jasmine flower fits into the Chinese definition of beauty: elegant and reserved. Its long-lasting fragrance makes it a popular home plant. Perhaps it is the popularity of the jasmine flowers among Chinese people that stimulates composers and writers to creat songs for them.


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