Chinese folk songs (Qinghai Hua’er)

Qinghai Province is in Northwest China (map). It has relatively low population density. Most part of the province is plateau, so the people there mainly lives on pasturing animals. The nomadic lifestyle has nurtured their innate love for the nature, which is reflected in the folk songs.

Folk songs in Qinghai are called “Hua’er” (in enligh “flower”). This type of folk songs can also be found in Gansu, Ningxia, and some parts of Xinjiang Province. It originated from Qinghai, though.

The melodies of “Hua’er” vary across different areas. This is one example. “Hua’er” is an essential part of the local lifestyle. People sing it when they go to work, when they farm in the field, and when they look after the herds.

From the songs, we can feel the outgoing and brave characteristics of the herdsman. The lyrics are mostly in minority languages.

There are also love songs in “Hua’er”. A famous example is Hua’er Yu Shao Nian (花儿与少年). The girl describes the scenery of four seasons and expresses her love explicitly. There are many “er”(“儿”)s and “ya”(呀)s in the song, as is in many folk songs from the north part of China. Its simple and elegant melody makes this song popular across the nation.


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