Yesterday I was talking to a friend. He described to me how beautiful the sunrise at Lantau Island (where he lives) was when he walked all night to the best spot of observing it.

I was indifferent and said:”I don’t think I can see any spectacular sunrise at Hong Kong. Hong Kong is just too small.” Then I recalled my experience at the Tai Mountain in China. I climbed all the way up to the top, stayed over the night, and enjoyed a memorable scene of sunrise on the next morning. “That was truly gorgeous.” I said.

My friend smiled, and said: “Mary, you are biased. Actually you can see a beautiful sunrise as long as you are willing to travel a long way to the best site. Being bigger or more popular does not mean a better scenery. It all depends on you.”

It is true. Many thanks to my friend for pointing out this obvious yet often ignored philosophy in our life. When we hike, the harder the trail is, the nicer the view will be. So hold onto our dream, keep walking, and always look forward to the amazing view in our life.


Sunrise at the top of Tai Mountain


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