Empowerment from Forrest Gump

I’ve heard about the film for long, but this is the first time I watch it, in the middle of coming finals and papers to be due. Today is the last day of teaching at HKU, and it feels like ending a chapter in my life and about to start a new.

I see in Forrest Gump the most important qualities for a man to success: faith and persistence. He firmly believes in what he is doing and does everything with his full capacity. When he was young, he was only good at was running. He also enjoyed it. So he ran at his best and got into the football team, which later led him into college. In the Vietnam war, he followed the Lieutenant faithfully and treated him sincerely, which earned him a valuable lifelong friendship. Moreover, he was able to retreat when he could not fight through. He memorized Jenny’s words well: “Never try to be brave”. When one’s in overwhelming danger,  the most optimal strategy is indeed saving up one’s energy for a better future.

It is impressive that Forrest Gump can always broaden his scope of life. When he was young, he never dreamed of visiting the white house because of his football talent or Ping-Pong skills. Neither did he expect to own a huge company and be worshipped by thousands for running across the country. It is his faith and persistence that are being admired. In the face of difficulties, giving up is a much easier choice than holding on.

Life is like a box of chocolate, cause you never know what you’ll get. Look ahead and try your best. When you really want something, the whole world conspires to help you get it.


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