Yoga practice journal – 1

I am reading The Heart of Yoga, which proves to be a very helpful guide for Yoga beginners like me. My Yoga practice journals are aimed to collect my thoughts along the way of practicing Yoga and to hopefully discover a better self.

The central philosophy of Yoga is to be united. Literally, “united” means the consistency between breathing and body movements. We extend our body as we breathe in, and relax our body as we breathe out. If breathing conflicts with postures, we will feel it unnatural and difficult to carry out the body movements. To realize the unitedness, we have to be focused. This brings another important point in practicing Yoga: attention. Practicing Yoga requires one to be completely living at the present moment and concentrate on connecting the breath and the postures. Under great academic or working pressure, we tend to be burdened with strands of thoughts which makes it particularly hard for us to concentrate. But lack of focus with prevent us from fulfilling the unitedness.

Another inspiring principle in Yoga is that we should always accept ourselves as we are. Yoga masters can perform state-of-the-art postures, but we might not be able to do it as beginners. This, however, does not prevent us from absorbing the essence of Yoga practice and making full use of it for our personal wellbeing. It is the progress and long-term benefit that really matters. Rome isn’t built in a day. Whether it is a career, a relationship, or a good understanding of a subject, one has to start it from somewhere to realize any grand ambition.


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