Things to bring to Uganda

Since I will be staying in Uganda for ten weeks, I am listing a few items that I think travellers or researchers should bring and those I think are better to be purchased locally. The following only applies to visitors who will stay in towns or villages.

To bring:
– medicine for malaria and traveller’s diarrhea
– soap, because very likely you won’t have a washing machine and will have to do your laundry in a basin by hand.
– flashlight, for there will be no lamp on the road and you need to protect yourself from reckless motorcycle drivers at night
– hand sanitizer. Bring at least one big bottle to put in the bathroom (because the water is often down), and a small bottle to put in your bag. This is very handy, as it can be used to wipe everything.
– tissue. Bring enough!
– hangers for your towels or jackets
– a thin scarf. This is to prevent the dust as you are walking along the road or sitting on a boda boda.
– clippers to secure your laundry on ropes outdoors
– enough personal care items: shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, cosmetics, etc. If you are staying in a big city like Kampala, you’ll be fine. But you cannot expect to find a rich selection of personal items in a small town.

To purchase locally:
– insect repellent. The obvious reason is they are not allowed in your luggage! Also, there are a variety of insect repellent here.
– mosquito net. The size of mosquito nets may be different in the US than in Uganda. You can go to big shopping malls or pharmacy to buy one. I bought a treated mosquito net at 270,000 Ush (around 11 USD)

I will keep the list updated.


2 thoughts on “Things to bring to Uganda

  1. Hi Mary,

    I have been reading your blog for a few weeks. I am more than happy that you stick to your own choice and become more determined.

    Since you will go to Uganda, please please take good care of yourself. I am sure it will be a fruitful trip. On more thing, I am not sure if you need, but I have found a kind of silicon bowl in Japan (PS: I cannot wait to share with you my experience in Japan^.^!!) which is very light & foldable. It will be super convenient for long time travelling especially in a place like Uganda. I found a picture of it on Google here:

    Hv a safe trip & keep in touch!


    • I’m so happy to hear from you, dear! We haven’t talked in a long time. How are you? I check your blog often but you don’t update it ar!
      Sticking to one’s dream is never easy. There is always a big gap between dream and reality. I think it’s also a process of realizing one’s comparative advantages and pursue the most suitable path.

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