Trans-Pacific Melodies: music from China

Tonight’s performance by China National Orchestra and Carolina International Orchestra was amazing. The repertoire is below.

1. Festival Overture (节日序曲), composed by Shi Wanchun.
2. Moon Reflected in Erquan Spring (二泉映月), composed by Hua Yanjun.
3. Swan (天鹅), composed by Liu Dehai.
4. Listening To the Wind (听风醉月), composed by Wang Ciheng and Wang Shi.
5. Three Stanzas of Plum Blossom (梅花三弄), ancient music.
6. Silk Road (丝绸之路), composed by Jiang Ying.
7. Percussion Concerto (夜深沉), composed by Chen Yi.
8. Autumn Night (秋江月夜), composed by Hao Weiya.
9. Fishermen’s Melody (渔舟唱晚), Chinese classical.
10. Folk Song from the Changbai Mountains (长白山歌), composed by Feng Xiaoquan.
11. Folk Dance of the Yao Nationality (瑶族舞曲), composed by Mao Yuan and Liu Tieshan.

3, 4, and 8 were really nothing special. But Silk Road was such a blast! The sound of the Chinese flute (Dizi, 笛子), combined with Erhu (二胡) and Pipa (琵琶) , painted a vivid picture of the prosperous businesses on Silk Road. And you as a listener is right in the picture. How amazing!

I also refreshed my memory about traditional Chinese instruments and saw some new ones. For example, Konghou (箜篌) has a very nice, gentle sound. I have never seen this ancient instrument before, but it surely fits the melody of Three Stanzas of Plum Blossom (梅花三弄). Only if the performer didn’t miss that one note!

I was very surprised that the performance was ended with Nv Ren Hua (女人花), a pop song performed by the famous Hong Kong singer and actress Anita Mui (梅艳芳). It turns out that Dizi and Erhua go perfectly with the melody. I have found Erhu a very versatile instrument throughout the performance. Getting back to work now!


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