First hockey game

As the name of “fall break” suggests, yesterday I was able to take a break from my academics and go to a hockey game. It was Carolina Hurricanes vs. LA Kings, at PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC.


Before going to the game, I did some research (mostly through Wikipedia) about hockey and made sure I wouldn’t be bored by it. It turned out that I LOVED it. Hockey is a fierce game and there was a lot of pure fighting going on, but the fast pace of the game generates a great feeling of surrealism. I’ve also found the structure of the game pretty reasonable (especially when compared with baseball). There are three rounds, 20 minutes each, and 18-minute breaks in between.

The best thing of all this is to have a hockey expert sitting by my side, explaining the rules where necessary (though there isn’t much to say) to me. I hope we can watch or go to more hockey games together in the future. I didn’t understand all the rules, but I did learn a couple terminologies (e.g. “face-off”) that I can show off in front of my non-hockey-expert friends.

This past week, a HKU alumni passed away in a car accident. Although we never met in person, I have heard a lot of good things about her. May her rest in peace. We should all care for our beloved ones. Do that today. Don’t wait.


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