I was doing a random google search on how to do research in economics and the differences between fields, and the following two popped out.

1. How to do empirical economic research? An interview with economists Joshua Angrist, David Blau, Armin Falk, Jean-Marc Robin, and Christopher Taber. People have different styles and there’s no unified rule, but there are some nice directions to start working on a new piece of research.

2. Differences between IO and labor economics, by Aviv Nevo and Michael Whinston (written in 2010). The authors pointed out the practical reasons for the extensive structural modeling in IO. Nice reading before going to bed.

I had a lot of thoughts about the first two labor economics class and will write a reflective post later this week.


2 thoughts on “Links

    • True! It’s important to figure out the path one is good at and work style that leads to the highest productivity. But the diversity of thinking across people is partly what makes economics (and research, more broadly) fascinating.

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