A few notes on academic presentations

For our writing and presentation class we are asked to explain a standard concept in intermediate microeconomics in a ten-minute presentation. Here are a few good practices I concluded from my own and others’ presentations.

1. Practice your script and appear confident on the stage.

2. Make sure your graphs are legible. Fonts should be large enough. Use contrasting colors that will show up clear given your background.

3. If your graphs are not legible, explain the key messages in the graph verbally or draw the graphs on the board (if they are simple).

4. Stay consistent with your notations.

5. Cite the sources to your materials, even if they come from widely used textbooks or online resources.

6. Don’t include information that you are not going to talk about in your slides.

7. It helps if you stick with the same examples and go through facts->explanation->solution for each of them in the same order throughout your presentation.

8. When you are explaining a model, start from the infrastructure (agents/players, relationships, basic assumptions, etc) and continue to the superstructure.

9. Don’t include too much information in your slides! This will make the audience overwhelmed and eventually bored.

10. Don’t read off the slides. Treasure the dynamic nature of presentations and interact with you audience.


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